3 electrical and lighting things to consider when building your home

3 electrical and lighting things to consider when building your home

Building a new home can be an exciting moment and so rewarding. The design and so many options and choices that we have now can be so overwhelming. If only we had just one choice to make, unfortunately we do not we live in a world full of so many options. With everything going on when building your home you forget the simple things of electrical requirements, where do you put that TV outlet, how many power points do I need in the bathroom with a growing family. If you get your planing wrong this could cost time and money and could be a safety risk.

Sit down with a pen and paper and move through each room slowly righting down all the electrical options that you would like, ask your family members also what they might need in there bedroom or bathroom. Your electrician will also have options for you that may save you a few dollars also.

We have three key things regarding electrics that you should be considering when building a new home.

1/. Be careful to pick lighting options that will not go out of style overnight, don’t get caught up in fashionable lighting that dates quickly!  We all know when you watch those renovations shows on TV some of the lighting options look amazing now, but next year they will look out of date. Try to picture if your lights will still look amazing in 10yrs time.

2/. Consider the switches. Lighting switches have come a long way and there are some truly stylish options on the market now. We love HPM Linea which comes in a multitude of colours https://hpm.com.au/products/switches-sockets from retro rocker switches to hardcore metal, we make every switch, socket, dimmer, fan controller and phone jack you’ll ever need for home, work, or play.

3/. Do you have budget restricts. Our one piece of advice here is to run all the cabling that you need throughout your home, picture where you would like to put that sound system, you may not be able to buy the sound system or fancy light now but the cabling will be ready to go when you are ready.

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