Aurora / ABB Inverter Int. Error E031

If your Aurora or ABB Inverter is showing an Int. Error E031, this means your inverter has suffered from a relay failure and is failing to read voltage correctly. Unfortunately this means that your inverter is no longer working and your solar system will not provide any benefit to your property until your inverter is replaced.
What causes the ABB Inverter Error E301?
A relay failure results from a problem with the internal circuitry in the inverter. The E031 error is a well known fault in ABB inverters. ABB has identified the problem and all inverters manufactured from approx. June 2015 should no longer suffer from this fault.
What can you do about your faulty ABB Inverter?

Is your inverter under warranty? ABB issues a standard 5 year warranty with their inverters, so check your installation date to see if your inverter is less than 5 years old. If your inverter is still under warranty, you may make a warranty claim.

You will need to contact ABB directly if your inverter is still under warranty on 1800 769 663 ABB will take care of the changeover process

What if your ABB Inverter is not under warranty?
If your inverter is not under warranty, you will unfortunately need to purchase a new inverter.
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