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Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning units are one of the most economical ways of cooling your home. Rather than cooling your entire house or office with a ducted system, a split system gives you the option of choosing how many rooms you want to cool/heat allowing you to easily stick to your budget. Furthermore, split system air conditioners are easier to install, maintain and repair then ducted systems.

Split system air conditioning units come in various kW sizes – the greater the kW system the greater the cost and the greater the power of the system, however keep in mind that even if you have a 9kW split cycle unit it will still be most effective in cooling a home or office with proper insulation and closed doors and windows.

What Size System Should You Get?

The size of the system will primarily depend on the size of the room and whether or not it is insulated. Your Sun Gods Solar consultant will also take into account other variables when determining the correct size system for you including the number and orientation of windows, the number of people using the room/office at any one time, your usage requirements and building materials.

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Maintenance & Repairs

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