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SGS Electrical are the Gold Coast Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists

We help you Save Money on Power Bills by installing the All New, All Smart AirTouch 4 Temperature Control System with your Ducted Air Conditioning Package?


Going Beyond Technology

Thee Ultimate Zone Control

Have total control of your comfort zone: Zoning lets everyone enjoy a different level of conditioned air in the room they are in.

Save Energy | Save Money

But there's more to it: You wouldn't have just 1 light switch for the whole house? We believe that your air conditioning shouldn't be different in how you take control: Save energy, and money on the power bill by turning unused zones off and don't waste energy heating or cooling them.

Not every home is designed equal and not every room is either. If you find some room temperature fluctuate, then having an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) will monitor the temperature and smartly adjusts the airflow as needed using its new ultra-cool wireless sensor. The ITC promises you an ideal temperature no matter which room you’re in.

Enhance your Air Conditioning

Newly Designed App for iOS and Android

Global Control of your home climate wherever you are. You won't have to come home to an oven in summer or a freezer in winter.

Our newly developed AirTouch 4 App gives you the same level of control of your air conditioning as the touchscreen console, allowing anyone with a smartphone or tablet to set their own personal comfort level in the room they are in.

Inverter Ducted System Packages with Airtouch 4 Control


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