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Save Money on Power Bills by installing the Smart Home AirTouch 4 Temperature Control System with your Ducted Air Conditioning Package?



Phone & Tablet App for ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Control
Let’s face it, every day is a race to get out and get home. So for those on-the-go, AirTouch 4 also comes with a phone/tablet App for Apple iOS and Google Android which will make life so much more convenient. You can turn your air conditioning system on/off or adjust the temperature when needed anytime of the day, from anywhere if you have a WiFi or 3G/4G connection. When the weather condition gets too hot outside, the AirTouch phone App will send you a temperature alert so you can then turn the system on to cool down the house and prevent the system from future damage.

Optional Individual Temperature Control
Not every home is designed equal and not every room is either. If you find some room temperature fluctuate, then having an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) will monitor the temperature and smartly adjusts the airflow as needed using its new ultra-cool wireless sensor. The ITC promises you an ideal temperature no matter which room you’re in.

Fusion of Comfort, Convenience and Style
AirTouch works with any ducted reverse cycle air conditioner and distributes air to areas which is needed most using a unique method of Smart Zoning. So all you have to do is turn on the zones where you’re occupying and turn off the rest. You can achieve the ideal temperature in each room by making adjustments in 5% increments. By doing this, you save money on cost and make your air conditioning system work more efficiently in the long run. It’s better for the environment too. There is also an integration of runtime tracking, energy and airflow management technology which further enhances the system.

Smart Integration for the Smart Household
AirTouch 4 works brilliantly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which means you can now switch on/off and adjust the temperature just by using your voice. AirTouch 4 is also equipped with Geofencing capabilities using IFTTT so you can now reduce the cost of your electricity bill in case you forgot to turn off your air conditioning system before leaving home.

Inverter Ducted System Packages with Airtouch 4 Control


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