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Delta 6kW Battery To Suit E5 Hybrid Solar Inverter IP55


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The Delta RPI E5 Hybrid 6kW Battery System incl. Monitoring and Meter includes a Delta RPI BX 6.0 kWh Li-ion Battery and a hybrid inverter. The Delta RPI Series offers Ultra-wide operating voltage range from 100-550V allows greater flexibility in string configuration. Even under harsh environmental conditions, the wide MPPT range makes it easy to configure PV arrays to stay within the maximum power operating range.

The Hybrid E5 storage system has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Delta RPI BX 6.0 kWh Li-ion Battery and features dual MPPT, standalone function and a high charging efficiency of up to 97%. This is made possible as the inverter can send DC electricity generated by the PV system directly to the battery, without any additional power conversion steps or equipment required.

  • Main Features:
  • Built-in customized energy management modes
  • Maximum efficiency: > 97.2%(PV to AC) / > 95%(BT to AC)
  • Reactive power capability (Cap 0.8 – Ind 0.8)
  • Power Rating: 5kVA Inverter / 6kWh LiFePO4 battery
  • PV standalone function / backup power
  • Wide input range (100-550Vdc)
  • Dual MPPT’s
  • Outdoor battery cabinet IP55
  • Outdoor rated IP65 protective level for the hybrid inverter
  • Colour touch screen energy management unit
  • Advanced passive cooling
  • Manual bypass switch
  • 6000 cycle at 80% DoD


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