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Seraphim 330 Watt 120 Cell BLADE Mono-PERC 35mm Black Frame Solar Panel With Compatible MC4 Connectors


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What makes the Seraphim Blade Panel so good…

The Seraphim Blade series offers customer’s high-quality, cost-efficient, and reliable panels for your residential or commercial needs.

These modules integrate industry-leading half-cell technology and Monocrystalline PERC technology. The combination of these features gives the panels significant advantages which result in lower internal power loss, higher power output, and improved reliability.

The panels are also lighter in comparison to other modules, which makes the installation process easier and you can potentially save on transportation costs. The PERC cell technology also makes it more cost-effective as it increases the power generation by 10 to 30%.Seraphim-Blade-Solar-Panel-Module

Benefits of Seraphim Blade Series

Highly Efficient

The panels are made from Monocrystalline PERC technology which uses additional layers on the rear side to capture more energy and to increase the efficiency. These cells are highly regarded in the solar cell industry due to its higher efficiency and performance.

Solid Performance

The Seraphim Blade series integrates half-cell technology. By splitting the cells in half, it reduces ‘Cell To Module’ loss resulting in higher output, less power loss and better shade tolerance. To put it simply, if one panel is shaded, the performance of the other panel will not be reduced. Full-sized panels can suffer significant power loss (up to 40%) when a portion is shaded.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Solar panel warranties are commonly 10 years. Due to the panel’s high stability, the Seraphim modules come with an industry-leading 15-year product warranty and 25 years output warranty. Seraphim has been awarded Top Performer since 2017 and the warranty just further demonstrates the confidence they have in their products.

Modern & Sleek Design

The Seraphim Panels not only offers superior performance, but it also has been designed with aesthetics in mind. The modules have a sharp black look, giving it an elegant appearance which could help increase the value of your home.


About Seraphim the company…

Founded in 2011, Seraphim is classified as a Tier 1 solar manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The company has also been recognised as the 2019 Top Performer by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) in partnership with DNV GL.

Seraphim provides high-efficiency monocrystalline modules and high-specification polycrystalline modules. Their products are widely used in various applications from residential, commercial projects and utility.

Their global operations are spread across Australia, China, Japan, and South Africa. They have a global production capacity of 5GW and has installed more than 6GW solar modules worldwide in over 40 countries.



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