Property Management Services

Sun Gods Solarare fundamentally different to other industry service providers. We are a unique, we make it easy to fulfill your landlord's duty of care to tenants by delivering compliance and field maintenance services to ensure complete efficiency is achieved.

With technology at the forefront of all we do, We are able to provide proactive compliance governance and maintenance to each agency in the management of their portfolio, whilst providing the full suite of field services required.

Our aim is simple:

  • to continue raising the bar on what the industry should expect from a service provider in the compliance field;
  • to provide time back to property management teams so their focus remains on core agency activities which drive business growth and long term sustainable success.

Our systems, support and services are shaped by our clients.

Our business, what we do and how we do it has been built on feedback from Property Managers directly.

We service some of the largest agencies within Australia to some of the coolest boutique agencies, all of which are incredibly important in helping us shape our services and supportive systems to make life easier.

We only service the real estate industry, our sole focus is ensuring we are raising the bar in how we support property management and our client network.

Whilst compliance is what we do, we are firmly in the customer service industry and will promise to always continue evolving as a business to better service our clients and support new technologies within the industry.

Integration with Trust Systems
We have our own dedicated information technology team. This allows us to always be working on automation, including full work order automation!
Qualified Electricians
Our field team of qualified electricians will ensure compliance on the day of inspection. The ability to correct any issues on the spot ensures a more efficient process for everyone.
Electrical Maintenance
Our field team of qualified electricians can attend to a wide range of electrical maintenance issues from fault finding to repair or replace to complete new installations of general electrical, switchboards, air conditioning or solar. We aim to ensure complete efficiency for busy property managers delivered at competitve rates building owners will be thilled about!
Real Time Data Portal
Enjoy having access to real time data 24/7 and while on the move! View our photographic compliance certificates as the jobs are completed.
Photographic Certificates
Our industry leading photographic certificates of compliance provide property managers the added piece of mind that the job’s done correctly especially for tenant disputes and insurance claims.
Subscriptions Honoured
With no additional cost for your landlords, we honour all existing active subscriptions.
Dedicated Agency Team
We provide direct access to a dedicated team of experienced customer service professionals, both in the office and the field. Our team is an extension of your office.
Vehicle Tracking
All our vehicles are tracked to easily forward jobs to our closest electrician. It’s great for when those beeping alarms go off!
Compliance One Stop Shop
As a compliance provider, we complete all field compliance services required for Property Management which includes pools and spas, smoke alarms, corded window coverings and safety switches.
Smoke Alarms & Safety Switches
For all residential properties in Queensland, we provide a high standard of safety with regards to smoke alarms. Compliance for rental properties must be completed by 1st January 2022.


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