Why is Fronius rated as one of the best solar inverter on the market.

Fronius was established in 1945 with over 60yrs experience in the solar industry.

Being technological leaders in the solar industry is why they back there Fronius Inverter with a 10yr warranty for all string inverters installed and registered before 31/12/2016. The majority of Inverter companies only guarantee their Inverters for 5yrs.

Under the Fronius Warranty Plus, transport, labour and material cost will be covered by Fronius.

Fronius Inverters are made in Austria and have a Technical Support team in Australia that offer an A1 service to their existing customers with integrated data communication.

Fronius Inverters are a high performance battery ready inverter.

The Fronius Primo singe-phase inverters is available from a 3.0 to 8.2kw perfectly designed for residential systems.

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